Things to Know About Custom Military Coins

Custom military coins are given by the unit commander to those members who have done something great for the organization. These coins serve as a token of appreciation for any kind of achievements attained by the members of a military organization.

Given below are important things you should know about custom military coins.

1. When will I receive the coins after I finished ordering them?
The coin minting process usually takes about 18 to 20 days after the design has been finalized given that you have already given your payment. The time of manufacture may vary from one company to another. However, it is unusual for coin companies to release your order after less than 15 days.

2. What factors can affect the duration of minting process?
The quantity of coins that you order plays an important role in determining the length of time of the minting process. The more coins to make, the longer it will take to get your order. If your design involves complex 3-dimensional designs, then the minting process may be extended for another 2 to 3 days.

3. Can I put too many colors?coins
There are no required number of colors in designing a military coin. However, companies will charge you for every color. Usually, coin companies will offer about 5 colors that are free of charge. But if the number of colors exceeds the number of free colors, then you need to pay an additional fee.

4. What paint promotes long lasting application?
You can choose from soft and hard enamel paints. Both types of paint last long, depending on how it is applied by the coin maker.

5. What material the medallion is made from?
Usually, a combination of metals known as alloy is made into coins. Some of the common materials are brass alloy and zinc alloy.

6. Is there a big difference between the cost of coins that are made of different metals?
Yes, the cost of coins varies depending on the type of material used. Coins made from zinc alloy are a lot cheaper than the coins made from brass alloy.

7. What are the things usually found on a military coin?
You may see the unit’s insignia, official’s rank or name, flags, or maps.

8. Do I get a discount for ordering custom military coins in bulk?
Most companies give off discounts to those customers who order coins in bulk. The more coins you order, the lower the cost per coin.

9. What is the smallest number of coins I can order?
Usually, the minimum order would be about 50 coins. Some companies’ minimum order is 100 coins.

10. How do you compute for the cost?
There are different types of fees when ordering custom military coins. Some companies would charge you based on the number of coins. In this case, the cost would greatly depend on the quality of metal, quantity of colors used and the intricacy of the design.

challenge-coins-MAXAnother is called the Die Mold Fee, which is the cost for making the coin. If you will not pick up the coins, you will be charged with the shipping fee.You will get best quality custom military coin designs by visiting Challengecoins4less where you get best online deals, once orders are placed, they are immediately made and shipped to your address with affordable shipping fee.

11. What are the common mistakes of customers when ordering a military coin?
Customers do not research about the company they are dealing with. They fail to clearly inform the company about the details of the design. In this case, the output would not be the same as what you have expected. It would be better if you negotiate face-to-face with the staff to explain the details of the coin design. Some customers are not aware of the different types of finishes and end up choosing whatever they like from the list.